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Rebar Thread Machine 

Our clients can avail the functional excellence of this product, Rebar Thread Rolling Machines within cost effective parameters to make their work easier. This product is a machine with robust structural Properties that enable a rebar to be equipped with a screwing mechanism for easier attachment abilities. With the use of high Density rolling cutters and cooling liquid, the machine patterns a coiled incision around the rebar rod to provide it with screwed tips so that they can be assembled on to couplers with ease.

Rebar Thread Rolling Machine is used to strip Rebar rib First & Roll parallel thread on Rebar End. After that Two Threaded Rebar Sectors are connected by Rebar Coupler.


      • Reliable Performance
      • Work Efficient
      • Fully Compatible

Advantages of Rebar Thread Machine:-

      • Easy Installation, Operation and Maintenance.
      • Shortening Construction Period.
      • High Connection Strength.
      • Full-tension splice, 100% bar break under high tensile strength.
      • Reasonable Structure, reliable performance because of high precision Thread.