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ConTech Rebar Coupler

ConTech Coupler Good Quality of Rebar Coupler with EN8D Material.

We Are Providing Sales & Services In all over India, Backed by a rich Industrial Experience; we have come up with a World class assortment of Threaded Rebar Coupler.

      • Durable
      • Good Quality
      • Excellent Finish
      • Superb Design


Code Specification :-

      • IS 1786-2008
      • BS 8110-Part 1, Section 3, 1989
      • ACI 380-2008
      • IS 16172-2014
Why Use Rebar Couplers?
      • The Traditional methods of lapped joints are not always an appropriate means of connecting reinforcing bars. Lapped joints are dependent upon the concrete for load transfer. The use of laps can be time-consuming in terms of design and installation and the increased amount of rebar creates congestion within the concrete.
      • Couplers are designed to mechanically join two bars together. By creating an end-to-end bar connection, a continuous load path is created from one bar to another that is independent of the condition and quality of the concrete. Mechanical splices are reliable under conditions of cyclic loading into the inelastic range and prove to be advantageous at the locations where inelastic yielding may occur.

Bar Diameter(mm)121620253240
External Diameter(mm)212832405062
Coupler Length(mm)324048607290
Thread SizeM16M20M24M30M36M45
Thread Pitch2.
Weight(Kg)   1.13

MBT Rebar Coupler

MBT Couplers require neither bar end preparation to form threads nor bar rotation to effect installation. The bars are supported within the coupler by two Serrated Saddles.

We Are Providing Sales & Services In all over India, Backed by a rich industrial Experience; We have come up with a World class assortment of MBT Reinforcement Rebar Coupler.


    • Mechanically bolted coupler that doesn’t require bar end preparation or rotation
    • The bolt heads shear off at a predetermined torque to provide an instant check of correct installation.
    • Can be used in Applications where traditionally couplers do not work
    • Also approved for predominantly non static loading
    • No processing of the bar ends required
    • Secure control of the assembly by shearing the shear studs
    • Efficient and economical installation by using easy-to-use standard tools as well as the low break off torque of the shear studs
    • The extensive range of standard sockets, and reducing end anchors
    • ensures predictability and flexibility for universal applications
    • Well suited for renovations and expansion

Why Use MBT Rebar Couplers?

      • The ConTech MBT Reinforcement coupler is a mechanical connector for 10 to 40 mm diameter reinforcing-steel B500B.The positive transfer of tension and pressure forces from one rebar to the other is achieved via a self-regulating impacting-lock in the coupler.
      • They are easy to install and achieve failure loads higher than 110%  of the characteristic yield strength of grade 500 reinforcing bar. Neither bar end preparation to form threads, nor bar rotation are required. MBT couplers can also be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed reinforcing bars.
      • The tensile and compression forces are transferred. The rods do not need to be pre-treated: no threading, no compression, no welding


Bar Diameter (mm)121620253240
External Diameter (mm)34394451.563.573.5
Coupler   Length (mm)100150200200250300
Socket Size13MM13MM13MM13MM17MM17MM
No. Of Bolts468121218
Approx Weight   (Kg)0.571.071.792.204.056.20