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Butt Joint Machine

The steel bar electro slag pressure Butt Jointing machine is a high-tech product using a CONTECH inverter and microcomputer control technology. It enhances Butt Jointing quality, improves production efficiency, and has a unique Butt Jointing process. The machine design is compact, light in weight, small in size, and easy to move, thus saving working time and improving work efficiency.

Technical Specification

Rebar Diameter Range : 12mm To  40-mm

Machine Weight:20 Kg

Power Required: 10A To 50A

initial Load Voltage : 95V


1. Like a rebar coupler, the Butt joint can be used in any zone, but overlapping needs to be maintained in the mid H/2 height of the column. (IS: 13920 Clause- Page No-9).

2. Staggering can be maintained easily using a butt joint.

3. 1:6 slope needs to be maintained for bar overlapping (on-site no control for this slope), but for butt, joint straight bars are directly joined.

4. Higher-diameter bars are prohibited from being lapped. (IS 456:2000 cl. AMENDMENT NO.3 ,, AUGUST 2007)

5. The area of Column Size is reduced (as dead load reduces) when we use overlapping in column maximum of 4% reinforcement can be provided and 6% at the location of overlapping is allowed. A 4% reinforcement limit is imposed to reduce rebar congestion in members. Congestion can be reduced by the use of butt joints so that compaction of concrete can be achieved easily and also avoid honeycombing problems.

6. Over Lapping of bars depends upon the grade of concrete so the transfer of load is not effective In that case butt joint method provides proper bar-to-bar load transfer like a coupler.

7. In the butt joint there is no need for an extra stirrup that use in overlapping.

8. ConTech flash butt joint passes all tests specified in IS: 9417. 


Download Butt Joint Technical Specifications

Download Butt Joint Work Method Statement






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